I’ve failed before… I’m just like you!



Hey guys! Craig Crawford here.

So this is more of a personal, blog post. And one which you probably wouldn’t hear from many people in the online marketing realm.

I’m writing this to show you I’m a real person, real situations and real issues.

Firstly, YES! I’m blessed enough to be a full-time marketer. And YES! I’m blessed enough to of generated over 3.000.000 million dollars launching products online.

Now, if it wasn’t for me, that money would NEVER of been generated. True.


That’s not the real scope of things… Let’s do some math… (I want to open your eyes to this)

$3,000.000 divided by 2 = $1.500.000 (half goes to affiliates for the sales they make)

$1.500.000 then goes to my partners who I’ve teamed up with… (I’d say 50% of the time I’ve partnered with other people)

So about $750,000

Over that time, I’ve invested into my team $100,000 leaving $650,000

Now, I’ve had a business partner for over a year.. So, that business partner gets 30% of money made… So that’s about $260,000 of the money! So lets subtract the $260.000 to leave us, $390,000.

Then there’s competition prizes given to affiliates for selling the most… prizes of about $50,000 over the time, so there’s $390,000

Then there’s bills, tax etc.. You figure the rest!

On top of that I’ve generated about $150,000 Extra from a venture I do as a kind of side earner for the business, it’s well worth it as it’s little work with a big return
So that’s $540,000 from the past 2 and a half years of my business

But see… That $2.800.000 isn’t so pretty anymore is it! 😉 ha ha – Yes it’s life changing money, yes it’s worth it because of the lifestyle… But you have to figure out what you want more than anything and go for it!

I don’t want to sugar coat anything. I want to be real here. And open your eyes to my business… I’ve had 3 teams of coders. 2 of which let me down, didn’t produce and sometimes left me in the crap when they wanted to.. A business partner who I previously took into the online world of marketing, who thought he could go it alone without me, and unfortunately… He’s slipped back down to making websites where he began.

Now imagine your team of developers screwing you over…

So now you have no choice but to get rid of them and start again…

How do you update the software?
Where’s the login access to things for the software and things to be worked on?
How do i find more staff?
Who’s going to take care of the support?

My teams are over seas… in an office.. so then you ask..

Are they in the office?
Are they working?
Are they stealing from you?
Are they working for someone else at the same time?
Are the costs for the office rental/internet/bills real? am I being robbed?

There’s so many uncertainties it’s insane! But yet, still worth pushing on, and doing what I need to do…

I’ve currently got a third team built who I trust more now, and seeing good results from. I’ve got an office over in the Philippines where I have coders/software developers and designers/web designers/video editors.

People look up to us like gods, because they want that “holy grail” called “online success” that we’ve managed to place our hands upon… And yes, this is the best thing I’ve ever done, I’ve been able to help others like family and friends, buy nice things and goto nice places.. but ultimately. It’s all hard work. Hard work is the ONLY way to making money online properly.

Time and effort is key, my saying is.. “Persistence and consistency prevails!” And it’s true! it’s the only way you can push forwards and obtain the success you deserve.

Last Week

Last week I launched a product, it was a great product and the features were good… I did the sales copy for the sales pages, the delivery, set everything up ready for releasing my product.. and gave a sort of “JV Broker” 20% of the profit to recruit for me… (A JV broker is someone who recruits affiliates for product launches)

Well, the coder vanished just before it went live, he was the head of my team at the time, he was also paying someone to do his work for him. how can this be? He turned out to be a con man… but still… I had to push on.

There were bugs (there’s always bugs!!!), but no coder to fix it.. as he was a con man. there were things I needed creating and finishing. but the team leader/con man was nowhere to be seen!

STOP! TOP TIP: Never lend a coder money to get a new computer… It never ends well 😉

On top of this, although I’d got someone to recruit on board. who i’d thought would bring the support in, that support from affiliates never came.. The traffic we did get, converted low, but I worked tirelessly to work on the sales copy to improve it. it turned out that adding my own sales video in, and not someone else’s improved the conversions!

It went from 4.8% conversions to about 12% which is MASSIVE! And I was happy!

So… As you can see, I fail too. I have bad luck, I get screwed over and I work long hours when needed!!

Not forgetting, our offline tests that we face! Which took me offline like my father getting cancer, being involved fighting the corruption in our country (It’s a very long story, you may of even seen it in the news/papers/social media – I’m being featured in a documentary on channel 4 in my country the UK – We’re in a film, which is going on netflix.. allsorts of things happening) I may tell you one day!


I never quit, I always persevere, I am persistent and consistent and I know EXACTLY how you feel!

I live in a nice area, nice house, nice car, I own a Jacuzzi, a nice bar and buy things I like, I go to nice places on holiday… I go to eat in nice restaurants and I can help family and friends with money problems and I can also help with charities and charity work!

I can also help people online who are struggling to make an online income, that too is a blessing in itself! Along with making some very close friends in the industry too!

So over all, it’s all worth it! I just wanted to share with you, the real side of things over here.

I hope you see from this read, that even the “big guys” struggle, fail and have to work their butts off!

I’ve made mistakes too! Mistakes that have cost me dearly… Here’s a REAL scenario.

  • You launch a very high quality marketers graphics package… (I’ll sort it out and get you free access soon)
  • You offer a $1 trial for seven days, then it goes to $9.95 per month….
  • Someone changes the $9.95 p.m to $1.00 by accident…
  • 2000 people buy overall… And you get $1.00 per month from them instead of $9.95

Could you imagine my face… when I found out a week later, the $9.95 was a $1.00 subscription instead.

I couldn’t do anything, except stick to it! So even now, every month $1.00’s come into my inbox from Paypal
emails… It’s a reminder to check everything twice , even three times!

Anyway, I’ve written an ebook on success, I’ve never shared it so far… It’s not 100% complete. but here’s the link:

If you want to see some testimonials on my business You can see them by clicking here:
(I’ve just started putting them together, I’ve lots more)


Lessons need to be learned, trial and error… BUT I believe guidance is key!

Furthermore, on my journey… I’ve NEVER had a mentor, I’ve NEVER bought a product to make money, I didn’t have a clue who people like Mike Filsame, Jay Abraham etc were.. till people spoke about them! Or I met them in person. The only time I’ve purchased ANYTHING was to help my online business.

It’s always been lessons I’ve learned from, failures.. all sorts!

Leverage in this business is key, and positioning! If you can get that done right… You’ve won half the battle! It’s not who you are, it’s who you know…

I know I need a mentor now, I’ve done exceptionally well on my own. But I believe that in order to take it to the next level, I need even more positioning… Yes I’m generating millions, but no it’s not all profit!

I’ve also created my own coaching product to generate the kind of income I have, to avoid the mistakes I have and to push people forwards to a better future! (I’m not pitching it, or selling it.. J

My Project: (nothing for sale.. Just sharing my enthusiasm for this…)

I’m working on a system just now that will generate FREE traffic, low-mid priced ticket sales.. Then convert them into high ticket buyers. A total 100% system that people can utilize! All whilst they’re building their own lists… How cool is that??

It’s hard work, I’ve created so far about 100+ videos on training in different elements of business towards it, added about 10 solid products in there with additional offers for people to make money, lead capture pages, sales material, sales videos, sales webinars… all sorts! And I’ve began to create high ticket, high value coaching on how to do what I do! so I’m VERY excited.

This is my way of helping… Of putting back!

Imagine if you could sign into a system, sign up to an affiliate platform and then add it into the system and then hook up an autoresponder. then fire up the traffic generating systems… And:

You’d generate FREE traffic
You’d build your list of subscribers
You’d build your list of customers
You’d make $1000 commissions on selling my coaching (We’d sell to them for you)
You’d make $1000 commissions on selling the platform itself (We’d also sell this to them for you)

All on auto pilot! It’s not for sale, It’s not even ready yet! But WHEN it is… It’s going to be as close to “push button income” as you can get! It’ll benefit everyone! (See why i am excited?)

I just thought I’d share this!

I also believe I can help with peoples relationships who are in our position… So over the next few days, I’m sharing my little eBook called :

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